Our explorations for KVADRAT CANVAS bring a playful imaginative poetry to the high end fabric design brands imagery.


The project was part of a two tier collaboration between the studio and the company, resulting in this montage of brand image explorations, as well as the independent artwork 'emancipath' that was on display at Somerset House in London during London Design Festival 2017.

The R&D predominantly revolves around the idea of coating fragments of furniture with fabric rather than falling back on the more commonly seen real world simulation of fabrics.
Employing a fluid, almost water-like approach to motion we see abstract furniture fragments emerging from the fabric; its amorphous forms continually re-configuring itself for a graphic, textural delight.

KVADRAT Canvas® textiles taking on poetic borderline amorphous forms, through a digital exploration of brand imagery by ZEITGUISEDs Studio (as f°am), commissioned by KVADRAT.

Sound by Superimposed Void