Oh hello lovely machine, emancipating yourself from function ... You look adorable, you know. Yes Dear, you were built to be autonomous, it said so in the campaign brief.

No rush – getting from A to B was never an exciting idea to begin with, for your kind. Dance yourself clean, pull your metal frame apart and let the sun burn through your circuits. Ride your autobiography, guided by the beauty of your code.

Fresh freedom smells like common place, and "authenticity" like a frivolous illusion of your makers.

So your character was designed to be self-organizing: a beautiful homage to the combined effort of all of those minds that built you – considering your appearance being a quite sloppy imitation of life.

Regardless that those who started this are no longer around:

Still looking forward to your feedback.

What do *you* think?

Auto Nom offers an upbeat alternative on unexpected consequences of autonomous mobility.


This is our approach to character animation narratives based on the personality of Autonomous Rolf. Written, directed and designed by ZEITGUISED, this fictitious self-driving classic german car gets under your hood with its freedom loving behaviour.